Dear Parents
It is my pleasure to welcome you to NIMS, Sharjah!
With a commendable heritage of imparting value based holistic education for over three and a half decade, NIMS offers an atmosphere of warmth and care to all students. I am immensely proud of the professionalism, commitment, and dedication of NIMS staff.
We recognize that each child is unique and encourage them to be the best that they can. As we cultivate a culture of innovation through meaningful experiential learning, we encourage students to explore, experiment and excel.
NIMS upholds inclusive educational ethos and inspires excellence in all students irrespective of their background or ability. We offer a stimulating environment so that the heights of excellence is pursued by students.
The milestones and achievements made by the school would not have been possible but with the unstinting support of the parents community. I express my gratitude to parents for their extensive support, time and talents.
Students are expected to read from multiple sources around an hour every day. Let me request you to reinforce daily ready reading. Reading is not an option but a compulsory requirement for the holistic growth of the child. I also request parents to talk to their wards daily on his/ her experiences at the school.
Our effort is to develop confident and life long learners who explore the best of their abilities and excel in facing unforeseen challenges beyond school.
Together we will keep the tradition of excellence alive at NIMS!

Shajahan K Mohammed