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flag day

The Kindergartners commemorated the Flag day by creating a human flag on 3rd November.

Fruit fiesta

A fun fruit fiesta in the Kindergarten fruit Market.

Peace day

NIMS Kindergarten celebrates peace day with colorful costumes from around the world and creating posters for peace.

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literacy day

The KG section of New Indian Model School, Sharjah, observed International Literacy Day on 8 September 2022. The students made alphabets with chart paper; they wrote stories, and read different articles. The teachers also helped in their literary activities.

celebrating granparents day

FATHER’S DAY activities

Kindergartners explore science 🧪🔭 with fun and creativity 😊

behavioral management week

As a part of the behavioral management week, Kindergarteners participated in various activities like preparing emotion masks, share care games and compliment circle.

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