NIMS, Sharjah is committed to nurturing the growth, development, and creativity of our students.
Students are given adequate scope to groom their innate talents. We believe that education must assiduously promote and nourish as a wide range of capabilities and dexterity in our children as possible.
We provide our students with an excellent infrastructure that enables a well-rounded education.
The school also has a number of laboratories, extensive libraries and the latest technology to make learning a fun process rather than a strenuous activity. The playgrounds, libraries, labs, art rooms, rumpus room-bear testimony to our commitment to the student community.

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Kindergarten Play area

The most loved space of the tiny tots is the Kids Play zone. A well- equipped outdoor play area with a sandpit for the kids to enjoy sensory play with sand. The kids have fun on the slides and see-saws and climbing nets and ropes set off the kids climbing, and swinging in no time, tapping their gross motor skills.

Rumpus Room

Learning the play-way method, the Rumpus room in Kindergarten is a multi-faceted indoor learning area. The role-play and puppet show corner, the sensory walls, the reading nook, the little gym, a small stage for the performers, the innovative music centre with instruments made out of recycled pots and pans and the UAE corner caters to an enriching learning environment. The tiny tots love to explore this wonderful area.

The Work Station(Kindergarten)

The Kindergarteners spend quality time at the work station, experimenting and exploring with their peers. Equipped with ‘DIY’ activities, the work station is the meeting place to exchange ideas and interact with buddies. Kids enjoy working at the station.

Reading Corner (Kindergarten)

Reading is a habit that begins at a very young age. To inculcate the love for books and develop the reading skills in Kindergarten, the cozy reading corner of the Kindergarten is a hot spot for the kids. It is stocked with a good collection of Grade level reading books, short moral story books, activity books, puzzles, and science fiction. Children spend some quality time in their very own library browsing through books.


Computer Lab

Two internet enabled computer labs are designed to meet the IT needs of students. Theoretical and practical lessons enable students to navigate through the rapidly changing technology driven world. Students are exposed to computer education right from the primary classes. The computer labs are well equipped with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software to cater to the need of students, teachers and the curriculum. The IT labs are indeed the nerve centers of computer education in the school. The ambiance in the lab sets the mood for the right thinking and molding of future citizens of the world.

Biology Lab

The school boasts of two highly equipped and well-stocked biology labs, that make learning easier for students, as scientific theories become easier when practically done. TheBiology labs are well equipped with preserved specimens, slides, models and bio visual charts which emphasize developing scientific temper among the students. The labs impart to the students the skill of observation and research, concept, cognitive ability, understanding, and interest.

Chemistry Lab

The two well-equipped chemistry labs of the school apart from meeting the needs of the curriculum provide first-hand learning experience to the students. The labs are equipped with all chemicals and other apparatus that unveils the mystery of chemicals and chemical reactions. Learning by doing not only creates interest but also nurtures the scientific temperament of the students. The labs also have excellent safety systems to safeguard against possible hazards.

Physics Lab

The Physics labs in the campus are planned to help students understand the concepts of physics with experiments. The labs that are equipped with all apparatus as per the syllabus ensure that all students acquire the manual and mental skills associated with learning physics. Students are encouraged to visit the laboratories for simplified learning and understanding. Practical hands-on experiments are employed to enhance the process of learning and allow students the opportunity to experiment

School Transport

The need for safe passage of each child to school and back home is of paramount importance to us. The school is strongly committed towards providing quality transport service by maintaining the highest level of safety to the students. For supervision and monitoring, a transport attendant is on board throughout the journey. Besides ensuring the implementation of the safety norms, all staff on the bus are well trained in first aid and emergency situation management. Female bus attendants of the school are trained to follow the safety standards as per the requirements of the Road & Transport Authority. All buses are fitted with Video Surveillance System, Global Positioning Systems and scanners for the purposes of student attendance confirmation and safety. We take great pride in bringing international best practices and technology to support education by making sure children have safe, comfortable and reliable transportation to the School and back home.


School Clinic

School clinic is a health care facility within school intended to provide basic health care for students. The School has two well-equipped Clinics located on the ground floor and has three full-time nurses and two doctors, bringing many years of varied experience working with children. Students undergo regular medical check-ups and a health record is maintained for each child. While routine first aid is administered by the units, any emergency is referred to the nearby Al Qassimi or Kuwait Hospital. If children are unwell while at school, they are cared at the clinic until collected by a parent or guardian. The clinic team provides first aid to sick and injured students during school hours. The clinic administers medicines and refers students for follow up with medical practitioners or to emergency services if needed. Located on the ground floor, the clinic is well equipped with a wheel chair, a nebulizer, oxygen apparatus, one touch sugar test kit and BP apparatus which all help provide appropriate medical first aid response.


Reading Corner (Primary)

“There is no enjoyment like reading “
To emphasis more on reading and to benefit the younger mind’s leisure period paved the way for “Reading Corner” in the Primary Section, Main Block. Reading is probably one of the most beneficial and feasible activities that a student can do. It is through reading a student discovers new ideas, concepts, places, and people. Reading increases vocabulary and spelling more than talking or direct teaching. With this motto the corner was designed and the students were motivated to donate books. They have the complete freedom of choosing books for themselves. It provides opportunities for children to read independently. This reading corner is a collective responsibility of teacher & children. The teacher has a big role to play in motivating children to read and the whole school enjoys reading in the corner.



Big, spacious and cozy!
Our library offers a fine ambience to foster the literary and aesthetic needs of our children. From fairy tales to classics, the array of books here, are all set to welcome the young minds to the excitement of reading. Children are lured to the world of wisdom through science, literature and infotainment. The policy we believe in is the same Baconian epigram, ‘’Reading makes a full man. ‘


Prayer Hall

‘’Prayer is the breath of soul’’ is not just an analogy but a true statement that gives positive vibes to every human being. Our youngsters are consistently moulded, shaped and guided properly to practice what they learn. Our prayer hall has got the space enough to accommodate 500 students at a time. They do ablution, offer prayer in Jama’th under the supervision of teachers and find themselves apply the practical implications of their knowledge in the right sense. Soon after the prayer, Hadith is being recited by students along with its translation and the children get to know about the teachings ofour Prophet (S.A) as well.


Basketball Court

Basketball has been the pride of our school since time immemorial. As an indispensable focus of attention, we have extended our maximum efforts to facilitate the game and set a decent platform for our young players to grow and develop their skills. Setting two separate capacious basketball courts for Boys and Girls, we have always been very particular about the importance of sports and games in the education scenario. We give them training under the very seasoned coaches and mentors.


Art Room(Primary)

“ Every child is an artist”
There is no doubt that art is fun for students. Diving into those paints and drawing a beautiful picture of our own imagination is awesome. It is an exercise which allow the students’ imaginations to run wild and to beautify our gallery. Art activities help children to develop their creative, motor and social skills. Art should be an everyday activity. The Art Room was designed to develop and to build the above qualities in our budding artists. Students are motivated and encouraged to sketch according to their age levels. The motto is to grow up the artists in them

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