Sl.No Name of The Member E-Mail ID


Shajahan K Mohammed (Principal)(Adv Committee) [email protected]
2 Ajith Kumar(Adv Committee) [email protected]
3 Mohammed Selvakku (Admin Manager)(Adv Committee) [email protected]
4 Igbal Mohammad (Adv Committee) [email protected]
5 Ahmed Haji (President) [email protected]
6 Nazia Shahab (Vice President) [email protected]
7 Abdul  Rauf (Secretary) [email protected]
8 Muhammed Ali (Secretary) [email protected]
9 Sirajudeen (Secretary) [email protected]
10 Sumayya Dawood (Secretary) [email protected]
11 Muneer (Secretary) [email protected]
12 Mohammed Ali (Member) [email protected]
13 Zabiullah (Member) [email protected]
14 Zahir (Member) [email protected]
15 Farha (Member) [email protected]
16 Saeed Hafez (Member) [email protected]
17 Mahmood (Member) [email protected]
18 Abdul Rasak (Member) [email protected]
19 Mrs. Bushra (Member) [email protected]
20 Najma Yusuf (Member) [email protected]
21 Rija Chirayil (Member) [email protected]
22 Juberiya Fatima (Member) [email protected]
23 Intiyas Abbas (Member) [email protected]