The school Library is equipped with reference books, fictions, magazines, periodicals and audio visual teaching aids. Adequate facilities are provided for peaceful studies. Books are also issued to pupils subject to rules and regulation of the library

The school has the most advanced and fully equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Home science. More stress is given for practical training. Demonstration, experimentation and project work, both at secondary and higher secondary levels, are done in depth using sophisticated equipments and instruments.

Computer Lab
computer-lab1The school provides computer training at all levels. The computer room is equipped with the state-of-the-art technological systems.

Sports and games activities are organised from time to time. Regular periods for games and physical training are provided in the time table, and supervised by qualified Physical Education teachers. The school provides indoor games like table tennis, caroms and chess; foot-ball, volley ball, throw ball, cricket, badminton and basket ball among outdoor games.

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